Pisaura mirabilis


Pisaura mirabilis


I am a spider with long legs and a slender abdomen measuring between 10 and 15 mm. Light in appearance, I have a white stripe across my head which extends into a short crest of horizontal hairs.



I am an active hunter in the vegetation but also build a small web to catch small insects.


In the weeks following mating, the female builds a large web as large as a fist. She lays between 100 and 150 eggs in the shelter of her web. The eggs are patiently collected together then wrapped in a thick white cocoon.  The female then transports this cocoon around in her jaws so she can hunt for food. The sac is returned to the web after each hunt. It acts as a nursery for the baby spiders to hatch.

Where and when can you find me in the reserve ?


I love open habitats and forest borders.

When to spot me

you can find me between May and July. I enjoy sunny days when I can warm myself on a leaf.

Did you know ?

To avoid being eaten by the female and to mate safely, the male offers prey wrapped in web to his partner. While the female is unwrapping her gift, the male deposits his sperm.

Conservation status

  • There are no national or regional red lists for spiders.

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