To protect and add value to our heritage

Rohrschollen Island

The nature reserve

To protect and add value to the heritage of Rohrschollen Island

Despite its urbanization, the Rhine strip offers remarkable ecological wealth, the jewel of which is the alluvial forest. This forest has remained close to its natural state, but the development of the Rhine has changed river dynamics.

One of these forests is located on the island of Rohrschollen, 10 km from the center of Strasbourg.

The nature reserve’s missions

To preserve our heritage

The Nature Reserve designation provides high-level protection underpinned by strict rules and regulations. The aim is to preserve natural spaces and to protect species and habitats threatened with extinction. If we wish to save our rich natural heritage so future generations can also enjoy it, it is our duty to behave in a way that is kind to the environment on these sites.

Valuing species

The Rohrschollen Island nature reserve, thanks to its alluvial situation and the diversity of its habitats, can offer environments conducive to the settlement of numerous animal and plant species, some of which are protected.

How do I get to the reserve?

Come by car

From Strasbourg city center, head in the direction of Kehl before driving through the Port Autonome Sud area.  Take Route de la Rochelle until the junction with Rue du Rheinfeld: turn left there and follow the signs for the reserve (and the incineration plant).

Come by bike

To avoid the port area and the heavy vehicle traffic around this area, we recommend cycling from Strasbourg city center through the Neuhof district and along the edge of the Stockfeld district.

The Rohrschollen Island Nature Reserve

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