Preserving and promoting our heritage

Robertsau forest


Preserve and enhance the heritage of Robertsau forest

Located north of Strasbourg, Robertsau and Wantzenau Forest Nature Reserve is one contiguous forest area lying close to the nature reserves of Rohrschollen Island and Strasbourg-Neuhof/Illkirch-Graffenstaden Forest, both situated further south.

Over the centuries, society’s demands on the land in terms of urban development, infrastructure and need for space have greatly reduced the surface area of the alluvial forest. Remnants of this remarkable ecosystem have nevertheless survived and can now be seen at key sites where rich biodiversity coexists with the visitors who regularly come to walk in these parts.

Robertsau-Wantzenau Reserve is 4.5 km north-east of Strasbourg city center. Take one of the seven entrances into the forest and start your visit.

East, there are two entrances to the forest on Route du Glaserswoerth along the Rhine: next to Karpfenloch Lake and Blauelsand Lake. There is a car park at each entrance.

There are four entrances into the west side of the forest from Route de la Wantzenau:

  • Immediately at the exit from Robertsau in Fuchs am Buckel are two paths either side of the bridge crossing the Steingiessen;
  • A footpath starts at the Unterjaegerhof bus stop (route 72);
  • If you are traveling in a vehicle, you can take a fourth entrance beside the Le Fortin car park.

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Preserve heritage

The Nature Reserve designation provides high-level protection underpinned by strict rules and regulations. The aim is to preserve natural spaces and to protect species and habitats threatened with extinction. If we wish to save our rich natural heritage so future generations can also enjoy it, it is our duty to behave in a way that is kind to the environment on these sites.

Valuing species

The Robertsau forest nature reserve, thanks to its alluvial situation and the diversity of its habitats, can offer environments conducive to the settlement of numerous animal and plant species, some of which are protected.

la robertsau sous la neige
Robertsau forest

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