Manager of the “Research and Outlook” Department

I manage two teams that make up the “Research and Outlook” Department:

  • A team of “Fauna, Flora and Habitats” research officers that assess and monitor the natural habitats and the species found there;
  • A team of “Flora and Fauna” Conservation Managers who are responsible for regulating species, such as wild boar, Japanese knotweed and others, and managing open habitats through eco-grazing.

I also manage the technical and environmental studies conducted by external research organizations in the field of ecosystem restoration.

My main duties:

I help produce management, planning, restoration, and management documents for natural spaces (management plans, action plans, specifications, reports, etc.). I supervise and monitor the employees allocated to my department. I manage the budget for our activity. I formulate and monitor the public tenders related to our projects. I carry out regulatory, technological, and scientific intelligence.

Flora, fauna and habitats Research Officer

“We only protect well what we understand well” – Francis Hallé

I am in charge of studying the fauna, flora, and different habitats around the reserves. I observe the changing sizes of the various populations of heritage species and make recommendations for appropriate management measures. I take part in management actions when needed and share the results of monitoring programs.

I love fieldwork but also help with more administrative duties like writing management plans for the reserves, fundraising, or producing end-of-year reports.

Administrative and logistics technician

The “Swiss Army knives” of the Nature Areas Department

Working in pairs, we are multi-skilled technicians. Our days are extremely varied: one minute we might be looking at the budget for the reserve and the next minute managing the farmers or the buildings. We are well accustomed to switching from one project to another. We also act as points of contact between the different stakeholders of the nature areas.

Manager of the Natural Habitats Management Department

I am a Forestry Technician and I run the Natural Habitats Management Department. This is the operational department that carries out restoration, maintenance and safety activities scheduled in the management plans.

My main duties:

  • I help produce management, planning and restoration documents for natural spaces (management plans, action plans, specifications, reports, etc.).
  • I manage the employees assigned to my department: the Ecosystem Management and Restoration Team.
  • I manage the budget for our activity. I formulate and monitor the public tenders related to our projects.
  • I carry out regulatory, technological and scientific intelligence.
  • I also oversee the management of the production forests for the City of Strasbourg and the Œuvre Notre-Dame Foundation.

“Visitor Services/Police” Department Manager

I oversee the activity of two teams that make up the “Visitor Services/Police” Department:

  • Visitor Services: This team is in charge of managing the visitor facilities and activities, and providing guided tours.
  • Environmental Police: Formed of six officers, this team patrols the nature reserves and areas around Strasbourg and ensures the rules and regulations are observed.

My main duties:

  • I make sure the actions in the management plans relating to visitor services and the environmental police are carried out.
  • I manage the development of special projects such as participative projects and activities for school parties.
  • I supervise and monitor the employees allocated to my department. I manage the budget for our activity.
  • I carry out regulatory and technological intelligence.

Environmental Police Officers

I am in charge of the surveillance of the nature reserves and areas in the city of Strasbourg.

I make sure the rules and regulations in force in these areas are observed.

I inform and educate users on the best practices to follow to protect and preserve these fragile natural spaces.

I issue penalties to anyone who breaches the environmental code.

Visitor Services Manager

My role is to manage the visitor facilities located in Strasbourg’s nature areas.

I run the activities that stem from the actions programmed in the nature reserve management plans such as:

  • Guided tours
  • Participative projects
  • School activities

Flora and Fauna Conservation Manager

As Conservation Manager, my job involves looking after the flora and fauna, typically in the field, in direct contact with living organisms.

My main duties:

I carry out observations on specific groups such as deer (Kilometric Index of Abundance of roe deer); I put in place rescue systems for amphibians during pre-breeding migration to reduce roadkill numbers; I help flora and fauna research officers with specific monitoring programs (nocturnal monitoring of amphibians or bats, help with implementing forest monitoring protocols and such). My field surveys provide guidelines for managing the green spaces.

Another aspect of my work is regulating species: a special wild boar protocol has been introduced, for example, in Neuhof-Illkirch Nature Reserve. Combating invasive plant species such as goldenrods and Japanese knotweed requires regular intervention.

I also oversee open habitats managed through eco-grazing by monitoring and tending to a herd of Highland cattle (a domestic herbivorous breed).

Ecosystem Management and Restoration Agent

I work as part of a team in the nature reserves, carrying out conservation work scheduled in the management plans.

My job consists of maintaining the forest, meadow and wetland habitats in a good state of conservation and restoring them where needed.

I also keep the footpaths and other infrastructure around the reserves well maintained and safe, for instance by cutting down dry and dying trees.

One interesting aspect of my job is working with horses. We use Ardennais horses for tasks like unloading lumber and mowing meadows.

Nature Reserve Works Supervisor

I am a supervisor for protection and production operations carried out in Strasbourg’s forests. My job entails organizing and monitoring work carried out by external companies in the forests. I am also in charge of keeping check of the recommendations we give to foresters.

Reserve Conservation Officer

I coordinate and supervise the actions carried out at the Nature Reserve ranging from monitoring the wildlife, managing the natural heritage, conducing scientific research, welcoming and educating visitors, and running events.

I also handle the finance and administration aspects of the site, manage the staff and am the point of contact for the various stakeholders and partners to unite the region around the aim of securing the reserve’s long-term survival.