11 September 2019

The INSA Strasbourg “Big Clean”

A green Back-to-school community initiative

Last September 11, 174 students from engineering school INSA in Strasbourg took part in a community initiative at  Neuhof-Illkirch Nature Reserve. This was a great opportunity to onboard the first-year students and get them involved in an action designed to protect the natural habitats in the reserve.

The reserve team supervised two groups of students who were tasked with two operations:

A first group scoured the fitness trail in the northeast of the reserve to collect garbage that had started to build up. The efficient pickers managed to clear three tons of waste in one morning.

A second group was in charge of sealing off 1.5 km of footpaths in the Nachtweid area by placing trunks and branches at the entrance to unofficial trails. This action was part of the campaign to create quiet zones for the flora and fauna, precious areas for the reserve that are not commonly seen in peri-urban forests.

Now in its second year, this initiative is part of the “Strasbourg loves its students” program. A big thankyou to everyone who took part!

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