07 July 2020

Winners of the Reserve’s 20th Anniversary Contest come for the day

A special visit to Rohrschollen Island nature reserve

As part of the events planned to mark Rohrschollen Island Nature Reserve’s 20th anniversary, a competition with a prize draw was organized by the City of Strasbourg.

The two lucky winners and their chosen companion were treated to a specially-devised and exclusive tour of the nature reserve on the Rhine.

Guided by the site’s conservation manager, the four participants took to the waters of the Bauerngrundwasser in canoes and entered deep into the natural environment of the reserve. They had the special privilege of experiencing the alluvial forest in late spring and had a glimpse of what the banks of the Rhine looked like before it was tamed.

After working up an appetite, the visitors were greeted by a Michelin-starred chef Alexis Albrecht to enjoy a surprise casual dining experience beneath the foliage. Carefully prepared by a chef who has earned a reputation for his use of plants and edible flowers in his cooking and in keeping with the day’s theme, the food and drink showcased the flora growing in the Rhine forests.

After the visit, the participants enthusiastically thanked the organizers for a fascinating and unusual tour of the reserve.

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