Getting to the Robertsau-Wantzenau Reserve

Robertsau-Wantzenau Reserve is 4.5 km north-east of Strasbourg city center. Take one of the seven entrances into the forest and start your visit:


The high-water dike cycle path provides access from Wantzenau.


There are two entrances to the forest on Route du Glaserswoerth along the Rhine: next to Karpfenloch Lake and Blauelsand Lake. There is a car park at each entrance.

Important: traffic is prohibited on Route du Glaserswoerth from 10 pm to 5 am.


An entrance along the extension of Rue Kempf into Robertsau gives access to the forest from the south. Two car parks are available: one close to Rue Kempf across from Ferme de la Bussière and a second one on the other side of Château de Pourtalès by taking Rue Mélanie.

Important: the south area of the forest is included in the Technological Risk Prevention Plan therefore you cannot enter the forest directly from the Mélanie car park. We advise crossing the Parc du Château de Pourtalès to get to Rue Kempf.


There are four entrances into the west side of the forest from Route de la Wantzenau:

  • Immediately at the exit from Robertsau in Fuchs am Buckel are two paths either side of the bridge crossing the Steingiessen;
  • A footpath starts at the Unterjaegerhof bus stop (route 72);
  • If you are traveling in a vehicle, you can take a fourth entrance beside the Le Fortin car park.