chemin de la foret de la robertsau
A mix of forest, meadows and rivers

An Overview of Robertsau - Wantzenau Forest

This circuit accessible for walkers of all levels takes you on a tour of the range of natural habitats found in Robertsau–Wantzenau Forest.

You will discover the extensively managed meadows and perhaps even get to meet the Highland cattle that tend to these open habitats by eco-grazing.

At Karpfenloch Lake, watch the flocks of waterbirds — ducks, grebes, swans and others — in winter or the balletic display of dragonflies in summer.

The forest is an ideal place for quiet contemplation any time of year.

Why not include a visit to the grounds of Château de Pourtalès on your walk?

Route: see map

Difficulty: easy, relatively flat.

Distance: 5.1 km

Where to park: car park north of Parc de Pourtalès located on Rue Kempf in Strasbourg (opposite the Ferme de Bussière). See location (or Google link).

Departure/arrival: From the car park, enter the grounds of Château de Pourtalès and take the footpath on your left.