Marsh helleborine


Epipactis palustris


I am an orchid that grows in wet habitats. I am now considered rare and endangered because my habitat is being destroyed. Measuring between 20 and 60 cm tall, my flowers are light gray streaked with purple.

Where and when can you find me in the reserve?

  • As you might guess from my name, I like wet habitats and can be found in swampy meadows and marshes;
  • My delicate flowers bloom in June and July.

What other species might you mistake me for?

  • It’s hard to confuse me with any other species in my genus since I am the only one that has a strong preference for wet habitats.
Conservation status
  • Red list of vascular plants in metropolitan France: Near Threatened (NT).
  • Red list of endangered vascular plants in Alsace: Vulnerable (VU);
  • Protected in Alsace.

Remember that picking flowers and plants is prohibited in nature reserves.


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