Early Marsh Orchid


Dactylorhiza incarnata


I grow to between 20 and 60 cm tall. With my companions the bee orchid and the pyramidal orchid I am one of the early flowering orchids in spring.

Where and when can you find me in the reserve ?

  • I live in wet meadows and on the dikes.
  • My pale to dark pink flowers bloom in May and June.

What other species might you mistake me for ?

  • Unless you have a sharp eye, it’s easy to confuse me with many other types of orchid in my genus.
  • One tip to help spot me: on Rohrschollen Island, my flowers are a pale pink color which none of the other orchids have.
Conservation status
  • Red list of vascular plants in metropolitan France: Least Concern (LC).
  • Red list of endangered vascular plants in Alsace: Endangered (EN).
  • Protected in Alsace.
Remember that picking flowers and plants is prohibited in the nature reserves.