Giant goldenrod


Solidago gigantea


Originating from North America and imported into Europe as an ornamental plant, I can reach a height of one to two meters.  I escaped from gardens and have an excellent capacity for reproducing and colonizing which has earned me the classification of “invasive alien species”. When I find a habitat to grow, I have a tendency to monopolize the area by taking the place of native plants.

Where and when can you find me in the reserve ?

  • I grow easily so you can find me almost anywhere.
  • My golden flowers bloom between July and October.
  • Around the reserve, you will see me on the dikes, in the meadows and at the forest edge.

What other species might you mistake me for ?

  • You might confuse me with the Canada goldenrod which has hairy leaves. This is another invasive alien species.
Conservation status
  • Red list of vascular plants in metropolitan France: Least Concern (LC).
  • Red list of endangered vascular plants in Alsace: Least Concern (LC).

Remember that picking flowers and plants is prohibited in the nature reserves.